Original Branding Tubs & Barrels (North Plunge)

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We recently underwent a brand transition from "North Plunge" to "Nordic Plunge". 

As a result, we have inventory with our old branding. All of these tubs and barrels are in our warehouse and will ship the following business day.

We only have a few left, and once the stock is gone it's gone.

The primary difference between these and our current models is 3 letters and small sizing changes.


Barrel: 90cm Wide X 110cm Tall

Standard: 135cm (Length) X 80cm (Width) X 60cm (Height)

Large: 150cm (Length) X 65cm (Width) X 67cm (Height)

XL: 190cm (Length) X 75cm (Width) X 70cm (Height)

Size: Barrel
Color: Black
Reap The Benefits Of Cold Plunging

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