Cold Exposure Therapy

Elite Athlete's & Average Joe's

Reduced inflammation, improved quality of sleep, enhanced mood - the benefits of cold exposure therapy seem endless.

What'll be your reason for embracing the cold?

How Cold Therapy Works

We Asked - You Answered

Ryan R.

Cold plunging has changed my life...

The only thing better than buying my North Plunge was starting cold plunging to begin with. It has been the most effective treatment for mood and anxiety. I feel the best I ever have!


Love my plunge

Absolutely love my plunge. It's become an integral part of my morning routine. I highly recommend North Plunge.

Samantha R.

Love my TUB

I bought the TUB after doing some research trying to find a Canadian brand. I like how easy it is to setup and move. It has it's own place inside, but I love taking it outside too!

Adam C.

Game changer

Game changer for post-workout. A quick 5 minute soak and I feel re-energized and ready to go.

Brandon F.

Raving reviews are accurate

Everything as advertised. What you've read in the raving reviews is accurate. Love it!